The Next Step..

A journey often involves sailing uncharted waters. It can also be an  internal exploration that borders on the spiritual. The next issue of Big Man Magazine will leave no stone unturned in its quest to produce the images and profile the men who embody this philosophy. 


An Introduction and a Sad Farewell.

Big Man Magazine's, Farewell to Polaroid issue, will reach the stores just in time to fill that Xmas stocking. Grab yourself a stiff drink and a comfy chair and prepare to be inspired. 

The men in Big Man Magazine are not models or celebrities - they're men who work and struggle and dream. 

Part of being a man is following your interests and living on your own terms. That's what makes every man unique. The new issue of Big Man Magazine is filled with 'ordinary' men - teachers, tailors, surfers, painters - who have pursued their passions and cultivated their own styles.

As for us, we've always had a passion for pictures. Not digital images that you can view instantaneously on your LCD screen, but actual, physical, tangible photographs that you can hold in your hand. Which is why we've decided to dedicate this issue to the dearly departed Polaroid. Yeah, we know it's silly of us to hold on to the memories like that. But cut us some slack. What man doesn't get a little nostalgic now and then?
Big Man,
right or wrong
A Big Man is a man
who sets his own parameters
and creates his own definition.
He lives with the confidence of a man
who's every move is considered
and the consequences dismissed.
Confident and assured
he is very much one of a kind...